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Bike + Ski Menu

Many shops like to work on the Pros bikes. We’re Pros working on the average Joe’s bike.

  • $$
    Maintenance Tune

    A solid tune-up to keep your bike running like a champ.

  • $$$
    Performance Tune

    A fine toothed race ready tune-up that includes installation of new parts, new cable + housing.

  • $$$
    Comprehensive Rebuild

    Complete rebuild from the ground up, the luxury spa package for your ride.

  • $-$$
    Fork Service

    Fox, RockShox, and other manufacturers.

  • $-$$
    Other Bicycle Services

    Bike assembly, boxing, shipping. Wheel build, wheel true. Computer install, Flat repair.

  • $$
    Safety Check

    Complete checkover of all moving parts + bolts. A peace-of-mind review for those who love to ride but not sure if their bike is ready to roll.

  • $$
    Ski + Board Wax

    Includes wax and can upgrade to fluorinated wax or other special waxes.

  • $$
    Ski + Board Mini Tune

    Includes wax, edges

  • $$
    Ski + Board Tune

    Includes wax, edges, p-tex

  • $$
    Binding Mount

    Includes mounting of telemark, AT, nordic, rando bindings.

  • $$
    Other Ski + Board Services

    Sharpening edges, grinding, base + edge overhaul (small to deep core shots), skin cut + trim, misc. repairs.